Perilous Practices is a deep dive into the principles of yoga as they compare to Christian beliefs.

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What People Are Saying…People are raving about Perilous! 

D.G. Says...

“Having read Perilous Practices, I sit here amazed at how insidious even the  casual practice of yoga is. Learning about the Christianinizing of yoga is more than a little frightening because it is so widely accepted in Christendom. This book is a call to stand firm in the faith, watch and be ready for the soon return of Jesus. I praise GOD for this book and highly recommend it to everyone; even if you have no personal interest in yoga I’m sure there is someone in your sphere that is; share it with them.”


E.N. (M.D., MPH) Says...

Satan cannot place his influence over you without your permission.  That permission is obtained in insidious ways which we may not recognize.  The pamphlet, Perilous Practices: A Look at YOGA by Yvonne Shelton artfully exposes a popular deceptive practice that unperceptively gives that permission.


J.B. Says...

I highly recommend this booklet for anyone that practices Yoga, whether you’re a Christian or not. I’m pretty sure that after you read it, you’ll see the importance of sharing this valuable information with your friends, family, and strangers. May the Holy Spirit guide you on your journey to discover truth.


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